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SoftWright Systems is an authorized partner of Net Integration Technologies, the makers of Nitix, a complete server solution for small and mid-sized businesses.  Nitix provides features usually found only in much more expensive systems.

In short,
an "enterprise server in a box"!
  • File Services - Share files among all of the workstations on your network, whether they're PCs, Macs, or Unix or Linux workstations.
  • Automatic unattended backup - never lose your data again!
  • Backups can run as often as every 15 minutes
  • Immediate and complete system recovery in the event of hard drive failure
  • Redundant Disk Arrays (RAID) available for even greater data reliability
  • Print Sharing - Share printers on your office network
  • Internet services
    • Routing - Allows some or all of your workstations to access the Internet
    • Firewall - provides protection against hackers
    • Virtual Private Networks - Integrate multiple sites into one large virtual network
    • Remote Access Services - Access your network from home or on the road
    • "Double Vision" feature allows you to connect to more than one Internet Service Provider (ISP) to minimize Internet interruptions
    • Virus Protection and Web Filtering
  • E-mail - accessible from your email program or from webmail interface
  • Spam filter
  • Groupware with calendar, address book, and task lists
  • Web Hosting, including features for e-commerce and dynamic web content
  • SQL Relational Database engine
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) services
  • DNS (Domain Name Services) - Manage local or public Internet site and machine names
  • DHCP server manages your workstation network addresses automatically
  • LDP (Label Distribution Protocol) allows the server to integrate with your existing configuration of network routers

Nitix Features - An interactive summary of Nitix features (Macromedia Flash Plugin Required)

Learn More - A movie showing Nitix at work in a real-world environment (Macromedia Flash Plugin Required)

Nitix Micro - The smallest member of the Nitix family.  Ideal for small business, branch office, or home office use (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Nitix Mark I - For small to mid-sized business who need more users and storage space (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Nitix Mark II - For businesses with many users or higher data integrity requirements - supports RAID (Adobe Acrobat Required)


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